75 min, documentary, dir. Rūta Znotiņa

A seven-year journey with Jurģis, a teenage boy with autism spectrum disorder raised by his single mother Solvita and grandmother Janīna. Solvita does her best to make sure that Jurgis' young life is colourful and full of activities. He is very fond of his school life at Cēsis Primary School, where he studies in a class for children with intellectual disabilities. However, the boy's future is far from predictable. The government is working on a decision on inclusive education, which would abolish such special classes, encouraging children with developmental disabilities to study with other kids. The film will follow Jurģis through seven years of his unpredictable future and relationship with his mother, watching how they both cope with changes in life and time as he comes of age.


Directed by Rūta Znotiņa
Produced by Matīss Kaža
Cinematography by Jānis Rubenis