Matīss Kaža was born in 1995 in Stockholm, Sweden. He grew up in Riga, Latvia and got his BFA in Film & TV from Tisch School of the Arts in New York, and an MA in Audiovisual & Performing Arts from the Latvian Academy of Culture. At the age of 21, he debuted with his first documentary “One Ticket Please” (2017)  which screened in in Krakow, Tempo, Beldocs, Goteborg and other festivals around the world.

He followed with several other documentary and fiction films, including the first Latvian western “Wild East” (2020) and two experimental one-shot films “At the Movies” (2020) and “The Taste of Water” (2022), blurring the boundaries between theatre and cinema.

In addition to writing and directing, Matīss Kaža works as a producer on his own films and work by other directors, such as Annecy-winner Gints Zilbalodis upcoming work “Flow” and the debut feature “Sisters” (2022) by Linda Olte. In 2022, Matīss Kaža founded his own studio Trickster Pictures based in Riga, Latvia with the aim of producing edgy and author-driven works by upcoming filmmakers, just like his own film “Neon Spring” (2022).