90 min, drama, dir. Linda Olte

After Zane (39) quit her professional swimmer's career at the age of 34 to focus on her family and become a mother, the baby never came. Although Zane and her husband Kaspars, a famous sports journalist, have tried everything imaginable – carefully observed her cycle with an app, sex according to a strict schedule and measured ovulation – the result has still been unsuccessful. There's no time to waste. Now, with her forties approaching, the amount of eggs is decreasing fast day by day. Zane has been trained to be a winner since childhood, overcoming herself in sports and not thinking about how she is feeling, her eyes always focused on the next target. Zane perceives this physically gruelling process as a temporary difficulty that's bringing her closer to fulfilling her desire – she might get to finally see what their baby looks like. As her chances to have a child narrow and a positive result becomes increasingly unlikely, Zane is desperate to try any means necessary. She goes through a relationship turmoil with Kaspars who seems less keen on continuing the process. As the future child begins to create an emotional distance between her and Kaspars, Zane will have to question her role as a woman in her family and in society.


Written & Directed by Linda Olte
Produced by Matīss Kaža
Cinematography by Bogumil Godfrejow
Production Design by Laura Dišlere