80 min, horror comedy, dir. Mārcis Lācis

In small town Latvia, a vampire society attends a convention in an old hay shed. The vampire duo Egons and Carlos are there to listen to lectures, participate in blood tastings and also receive a new task - replenish the commune with the chosen one. Egons and Carlos are tasked to recruit Fatso, a middle-aged computer geek who lives in a trailer, listens to podcasts about immortality and grows a belly, wasting away the hours. After welcoming the vampires into his trailer home, Fatso is having second thoughts about becoming a vampire, let alone “the chosen one”. Egons and Carlos will have to do their best to trick Fatso into becoming touched by eternity.


Andris Keišs
Ivars Krasts
Edgars Samītis
Inese Pudža
Miķelis Olte


Written & Directed by Mārcis Lācis
Produced by Matīss Kaža, Dace Siatkovska
Music by Toms Auniņš
Cinematography by Mārcis Ābele
Production Design by Aivars Žukovskis
Costume Design by Elīna Pērkone
Make-up & Hair by Santa Sandule